Vehicle stock control

Manage your Stock Book

Maintain detailed stock records for every new, used, demo or loan vehicle.

Keep track of all costs from internal invoices and PDI's' to reconditioning and outsourced work.

Instantly see the age of your vehicle stock as well as all associated financial details including managing any stocking plan details.

Upload your vehicle stock to your website, auto/bike trader or MCN completely automatically.

  • New, Used & Qualifying
  • Definable fields
  • Full financials
  • Multiple Images
  • Demo & Loan
  • Stocking Plans
  • Internal Work
  • DVLA Road Tax Check
  • DVSA MOT Check
  • Website Data Feeds
  • Ftp Stock Lists
  • Full Rest API

Accurate Vehicle Information

Detailed data can be retrieved via the vehicle's registration number (VRM). Saving time loading vehicles onto the system and reducing errors.

  • HPI Lookup
  • Service History
  • Recall Notification
  • Multiple Images
  • DVLA Lookup
  • Check Tax Status
  • Check MOT Status
  • User Defined Tags
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Photo uploads and Video Linking

Upload multiple photos of the vehicle in seconds directly from your phone, tablet, or camera.

Upload presentation videos of the vehicle to YouTube then link to the vehicle stock record.

Comprehensive reporting

CloudDMS’s class leading stock reporting allows you to keep on top of your vehicle inventory. Instant access to key information allows you to stay in control of your business.

All reports can be exported to CSV, Excel or the clipboard.

  • Stock Book
  • Outstanding sales
  • Internal costs
  • Stock age
  • Sales breakdown
  • Summary by location
  • Salesman commissions
  • Back dated Stock lists

Vehicle Locations & Label Tags.

Record the current location of each vehicle and keep on top of stock transfers. View a log of location changes so you always know where you stock is, and where it’s been.

Setup ‘Label tags’ to help manage your stock. Tags can be used for many purposes from marking a vehicle in need of a valeting to indicating MOT status. Once vehicles have been tagged you can then intelligently sort and filter your stock.

Vehicle Pricing Trends

A vehicles registration number is all you need to find out how a specific model has been selling across all CloudDMS users.

An incredibly powerful and unique tool which ensures you price your used vehicle stock accurately and keep on top of current pricing trends.

The price trend tool also ensures you don’t overpay for used stock and have a clear idea of the popularity of the vehicle in question along with real world mileages.

The report is based on actual invoice prices and mileages not online asking prices, this makes it the most accurate data available.

  • Sales invoice prices
  • Reg lookup
  • Real world mileages
  • 3 Year trend


Check vehicle data with HPI


Check MOT and Tax status


Upload multiple photos and videos

Label Tags

Custom stock tags


Keep on top of your vehicle stock


Stock value, fast & dead stock


Find vehicles by Stock Number, Reg or VIN

Stock Take

Streamlined stock taking